In the year 1980 I was born into the world populated by 4.45 billion other individuals. 3 years later a brother joined me to a world populated by 4.690 billion people. I seldom remember my early childhood but I know it was full of joy and fun. On Christmas eve of 1990 I got my first computer, Commodore 64, one game and a blue book about BASIC programming for C64. The game was “The secret Diary of Adrian Mole” and was in German.

As I put that aside I took a heavy blue book and turned the page. It was Christmas eve and my C64 that was hooked up to the TV did what I wanted it to do. If there was an error, I was responsible for it. It was a start of a beautiful friendship.

Helping with this was my father and grandfather after whom I was named. My father worked as a engineer in the local steam turbine manufacturing plant and had his drawing board in our room. I used to watch him draw and afterwards would stick my drawing paper and mimic him. I still have those drawings. My grandfather, a simple man, always gave me challenges to work out, the last one before his death was to build perpetual Mobile device. As young as I was I know nothing about thermodynamic laws and the impossibility of such task but that did not deter me from trying.

In 1991 world population was 5.359 billion. War started and me and my family had to move. We moved a lot until settling back into Karlovac and waited for the end so we could come back to our home once more. My Father joined the Army as the war was inevitable, it changed him. War took so much but none of my loved ones.  For that I can be thankful.

Still in elementary school I pressed my physics teacher to send an application for local computer competition which ended in praise for my work in top 10 on national level. That was the start of tradition for my elementary school in putting more effort into educating young computer scientists and nourishing them. My High school days were spend more around computers than, looking back, I should have but still, I have little regrets. Computer competitions were piling up and some I won, other I did not, but they were always fun. And then, in my last year of high school two persons came into the class wanting to see if there was anyone interested in debating current world situation. I raised my hand and that took me to represent my country in international debate held in Athens. I had so much fun.

In 2005 I finished RIT college 2.5 years earlier than countries average and together with 6.4 billion of my fellow travelers started the search.